Fundraising Policy



Adopted by Vestry, January 12, 2014

Principle:   To help our church practice good stewardship and act respectfully to members of the congregation who are asked to support the church and its fundraisers.


  • A fundraiser is defined as the holding of an event, the sale of items, or the collection of items or money to benefit a specific cause which is generally not covered by the church budget.
  • All fundraising activities must be in agreement with a ministry of Grace Church, sponsored by a church member, approved in advance by the Vestry, and must be proposed and conducted in accordance with Vestry-approved policy and procedures.
  • Request for approval of fundraising activities must be forwarded to the Vestry via the Senior Warden by the 10th of the month for submission to the Vestry meeting (held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month).
  • The application may be downloaded from the church website or picked up at the church office during office hours. (Application)
  • Fundraisers must be approved prior to any announcement either in the church bulletin or in the newsletter.                  
  • In general, fundraising activities are discouraged during the time of the annual Stewardship Campaign, usually in the month of September, unless a specific exception is approved by the Vestry. 
  • Regularly scheduled, calendar Parish activities take priority over special events. 
  • An event held in the church may not benefit a for-profit organization.
  • Once approved, the event must be put on the church calendar by the parish administrator.