The Pet Wall

What is it about animals that makes them so special? Experts in many fields repeatedly say that it is their ability to decrease stress by providing unconditional love and affection.  Anyone who has petted an animal, heard its soft breathing and felt its heart beat, and looked into those loving eyes has experienced feelings of critter love that calmed, comforted and created a genuine sense of well-being and happiness.

Inspired and motivated by his love for animals, one of our Parishioners designed and built the Pet Wall during the summer of 2006 as a part of an Eagle Scout project.  Stephen Staiger’s Pet Wall provides a permanent resting place for the ashes of those pets who live on in our memories and in our hearts. Parish members may buy plaques with their pets’ names on them and have them mounted on the wall.  Please contact the Church Office to make arrangements to purchase a plaque.

We think that the folks here at Grace Church in the Mountains are particularly fond of their pets.