Memorial Garden

. . . there was a garden, and  . . . 
there they laid Jesus.
John 19:41   
The Memorial Garden at Grace Church in the Mountains is a place of beauty, peace and reverence.  Benches set among the lush plantings provide visitors with places for quiet contemplation.
The concept of interment or burial in consecrated ground is very old.  On earth, the church is the center of a Christian’s life through baptism, confirmation, worship and fellowship.  Subsequently, a Christian’s death and burial is also church centered.  Planning a hallowed place of interment continues the ancient Christian tradition of maintaining the mortal remains of members of the Christian community on the grounds of the church.
In ancient Rome, a columbarium was a nesting place for doves.  But when early Christians who were relegated to the catacombs began using cliff-side niches to seal away ashes of the faithful departed, the word assumed a new meaning, compartments for storage of cremated remains.  Grace Church in the Mountains holds true to Christian tradition by accommodating those who choose the sanctity of their church as an enduring place of rest.
The following links are the covenants that govern the use of the Memorial Garden and Columbarium: